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for him/her to participate in our excursion to Aquatic Achievers Ferntree Gully on Tuesday 6th of February and every Tuesday up to and including Tuesday 26th March 2024 for 6 Weeks.
Departing at 1:35 PM
Returning at 3:30 PM

(*) I agree to delegate my authority to the Staff and Instructors involved.
(*) I authorise Teachers and Instructors to take appropriate action necessary to ensure the safety, well-being and successful conduct of the students as a group, or individually at this excursion and related activities. If any student is unable or refuses to comply with requests, the Teacher may ask parents to come and take the student home.
(*) I also authorise the Teachers and Instructors to obtain medical assistance which they deem necessary should an accident occur, and agree to pay all medical expenses incurred on behalf of the above student.
(*) I submit the attached medical information about the above student and include details of limitations which he/she has for the activity concerned.
(*) I further authorise qualified practitioners to administer anaesthetic if such an eventuality arises.
(*) Please note that the following aides will assist the Teacher on the excursion:
Yueh-An, Bri and Mark
(*) These aides may need to act as an authority on the teacher's behalf. The teacher has fully briefed each of these aides and they are fully aware of the range of responsibilities that may be required of them including, if necessary, the need to discipline children or engage in conversation with them about appropriate behaviour and speech.
For further information contact your class teacher or the school office at 8790 4797.

Teacher in charge is Martina Kuhse
Teacher in charge is Martina Kuhse