We work with indications of Dr. Rudolf Steiner to deepen our understanding of the human being; enlivening teaching and learning through creativity and a living artistic curriculum.   We strive to nurture a strong sense of community across parents, teachers, staff and students.

Our Vision

We aspire to prepare children for lifelong learning by firing imagination, deepening the life of feeling and developing strength of purpose; imbuing each with truth, beauty and a sense of social responsibility.


“(We) must be full of initiative and never get stale.”

– Rudolf Steiner

Philosophy Statement

Reverence  Respect Responsibility Resilience

At DRSS we believe in providing an education which enlivens and enables a strength of will, warmth and depth of feeling, and ignites the light and clarity of thinking. Steiner education reaches beyond content to the freeing of the individual Human Spirit.

We work directly with the Steiner curriculum to meet the unfolding educational and developmental needs of each class as a whole, and of each child within it. In this way, we strive to enable each child to realise his or her own unique potential.

At DRSS we model and instil a deep sense of community. We recognise that the families in our community come from a diverse range of backgrounds and we seek to speak and act inclusively at all times. Through the close connection with teachers, peers and adults in the school, students develop trust, social skills and spiritual awareness by respecting and caring for each other and the Earth.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]